Restaurant Mukhrantubani

Traditional Cuisine

 A fusion style Georgian restaurant with European menu, located in the hotel lobby, interpreted as the Italian courtyard will give you the opportunity to enjoy the charm of our city and feel like a native Tbilisian, but with dishes familiar to your taste on the table. The contemporary design atmosphere of glass ceilings, comfortable furniture, but with a living green hedge, wrought iron staircase, antique decor, and a playing piano in the corner, will allow you to remember the bright taste of Georgia in your glass for a long time.

Restaurant Tbilisuri

Contemporary Georgian Cuisine

A Georgian restaurant with elegant 19th-century interior and traditional Georgian cuisine will let you experience the full flavor of Georgian culinary secrets. And a separate exit will lead you to Ioane Shavteli street, which literally instantly will immerse you into the labyrinths of the old city.

Our Cellar

Wine Cellar

 This is the name of traditional Georgian cellar for preparing and storing the wine.
For centuries, marani had both economic and ritual-sacral significance. For example, baptisms and marriage ceremonies were often performed in the basement. The main elements of marani are kvevri – clay jugs of wine, and satsnakheli – a wooden large container for squeezing grape juice, buried in the ground.
In our Marani, which is the original wine cellar of ruined old building found during excavations, you will easily be carried to the vast vineyards of the Alazani Valley, Meskheti and the banks of Rioni river – the most amazing places where the millennial tradition of Georgian wine-making was born in the company of a sommelier. Our collection also includes special wines from all over Georgia. All of this can be enhanced by the flavors of Georgian cheeses, jerked meat and vegetables. Georgian wines are so unique that they will satisfy even the most refined connoisseurs and gourmets. Since Georgia is the birthplace of wine.