About Mukhrantubani

Mukhrantubani Hotel opened for guests and all comers in September 2021.

The concept of the project combines two architectural styles: - modern European "Swedish Lagom", revealing the philosophy of moderation and balanced comfort

- and classic Georgian style, formed under the influence of East and West, but retained the original elements of ancient architecture, creating the unique image of Tbilisi.

Your place in Tbilisi

A Warm, Exquisite, Practical And
Urban Space.

Mukhrantubani Favorite Amenities

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 A fusion style Georgian restaurant with European menu, located in the hotel lobby, interpreted as the Italian courtyard will give you the opportunity to enjoy the charm of our city and feel like...



 A Georgian restaurant with elegant 19th-century interior and traditional Georgian cuisine will let you experience the full flavor of Georgian culinary secrets...

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